Valentine’s Day has come and gone and now it’s time for singles to re-focus.  Zoosk is positioning itself as the “LinkedIn” of internet dating sites.  Instead of typical straightforward process of setting up a profile, finding dates, picking a partner and getting offline (similar to what does for job searches), Zoosk wants people to stay on their website even when they are coupled up (similar to LinkedIn where your profile is active and updated throughout your professional career).

Zoosk wants to incentivize members to keep their profile up on their site by offering a host of features and services that make the site more “sticky” to couples.  These incentives include reminders of key dates including birthdays and anniversaries, deals on “couples” activities as well as an advice center.   Zoosk already integrates a variety of social networks into its site, which is why there is some 15 million monthly active users.  This functionality will also be beneficial when rolling out their new features.  For example, when a user finds a partner they can change their relationship status and the couples features will automatically begin to appear.

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