Introducing Yoostar: the next wave in social entertainment.  Yoostar is a new portable movie studio that features real actors and clips from actual movies but allows you to be the star!  The Yoostar system is $170 and consists of a remote control, software, USB webcam and stand and a 6×6 fold away “green screen.”  The system is easy to use and once you set everything up, you put yourself infront of that green screen and you can perform your heart out with all great actors of the past and present.  The system also has an application which allows you to automatically upload your movie onto your PC and share the clips via Facebook and MySpace.  Although the set only comes with 12 scenes to start with, you can download additional movies for anywhere from 99-cents to $3.99.  Yoostar is being sold at Bloomingdale’s and BestBuy, as well as on the website.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your movie-buff friend, or you just want something fun to do on a Friday night with friends, this new system might be for you!

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