It definitely took me a while to warm up to shopping online.  I wanted to make sure that all of my information was secure and that when I typed in my credit card number, it was actually going to a store and not a scam.  Knowing how long it took me to feel comfortable on my computer, I don’t know if I am ever going to have the same trust in shopping via a cellphone.

According to a Harris Interactive study, Americans, specifically young adults and men, are warming up to the idea of making purchases via their cellphones.  A few of the findings are listed below:

  • Out of the 2,029 adults that were surveyed, 45% think that shopping on your cellphone is somewhat safe
  • 46% said they would be willing to shop using their cellphones even in safety was not an issue
  • 50% of men find the concept of cellphone shopping safe, while only 39% of women agree
  • Most of the respondents said they would be most interested in purchasing movie tickets, music, mobile video and games via their phones

Personally, I think I will stick to shopping in-store and online for the time being.  What are your thoughts? Do you think that cellphone shopping is safe?  Would you do it?

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