A new research report by Radar Research for PopSugar Media, “Why Y Women,” reveals that two-thirds of Gen X women chose Gen Y women as the most influential age group in terms of defining trends in pop culture.  The report also shows that Gen Y women discover new brands and find their style inspiration from blogs and social media.

Some of the reports findings include:

  • 92% of Gen Y women consider themselves as trend leaders
  • 67% of Gen X women also identified Gen Y as trend leaders
  • 61% of Gen Y women say when they find a brand they love they share it with as many friends as possible across a spectrum of platforms
  • Gen Y women are more brand loyal than many assume
  • Gen Y women have more choices with technology than their previous generations
  • Gen Y women are skeptical of obvious marketing messages

The study also focuses on the fact that for both Gen X and Y women, context is vital when it comes to brand perception and advertising.  Marketers who are looking to reach these demographics need to be very selective about the sites they advertise on and avoid mass reach networks where they cannot control where their brand’s message ends up.

Gen Y women are a marketing challenge because they want to be addressed as individuals, but once they have a personal connection with the brand they are passionate advocates and ambassadors.

To view the whitepaper, including the “Do’s and Dont’s of Marketing to Gen Y women,” visit www.sugarinc.com/WhyYWomen

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