Marketers need to be aware of why people are going online if they are going to effectively market to them.  Although studies in the past have proven that people do comparison shop online and do connect with friends, a new survey by Ruder Finn claims that 100% of US internet users went online to pass the time.

The other most popular reasons to get on a computer were education, connecting with others, researching and sharing.  The least common reasons were purchases, managing finances, comparison shopping and joining causes.

Ruder Finn believes that Intent is the new online demographic.  Advertisers need to know why their targets are online, in order to effectively market to them.  Their research also found that men were more likely than women to go online for business, entertainment and to keep informed on news and events.  While women, were more likely to go online to advocate for a cause or issue, express themselves and socialize.

Rox wants to hear from you. Do you agree with this study’s findings? Are you primarily online to pass the time?  And do you fall into the gender patterns that listed here?

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