2012 is the year that marketers and advertisers must begin to trade in adjectives and adverbs.  Since most campaign content is being filtered through social networks, we need to know what our consumers do with the content, rather than what they say about it.  Facebook’s “like” and “share” functions are just two social verbs frequently used by consumers, while Yahoo now has a “read” feature that is showing up on people’s news feeds.  Experts believe that “buy” and “watched” are the next two additions to the social verb list.

Although it seems like a strange tactic, Buddy Media CEO, Michael Lazerow, believes that sites who add the optional Facebook share capability can increase traffic to their page by 12.98%.  The Guardian, for example, has already embraced verbs and has seen 1 million additional monthly views with their new Facebook Page.  Yahoo, as mentioned above, has also found verbs helpful and now has expanded it’s relationship with Facebook to 26 more sites.

Verb campaigns will be a big necessity in 2012, so AdAge has suggested 3 helpful strategies to consider when thinking about how your company can utilize them.

  1. Build Verb Hooks Everywhere – Data proves that people want to share.  Whether it’s an online poll, a news article they found interesting, or a contest that they’ve entered, people want their social networks to be involved.  If marketers can “adopt the verb structure and API’s into their assets, they are more likely to surface through Facebook’s algorithms.”
  2. Consider the Lens of Friends – People see the web differently, and it’s extremely important for executives to know this.  Execs must think hard about their audiences, their core group as well as the majority outliers, because knowing who you are marketing to and how they can and will interpret your message, will help guide your verbs.
  3. Prioritize Media That Thinks in Verbs – Media buys are becoming increasingly important, especially in the verb world.  Make sure you are partnering with media companies that have started to use verbs, so that you can easily add social functionality into basic banner ads, as well as rich-media.

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