Our industry is beginning to rock again. You’ve made it through the down time; lots of things are in-play and now …let’s kick it up a few notches in the new year.

Slow Down to Speed Up

For 2014, how about starting with a marketing plan that really works?  We’re not talking about a project report that let’s someone tick off a checkbox and hustle onto the next “to-do”.

Instead, let’s create a living document that captures your best-thinking; guides marketing throughout the year; and raises effectiveness each quarter.streaming Swiss Army Man 2016 film

TAKEAWAY: Taking the time to slow down and really plan 2014, will get you to the end goal faster and with much less frustration/waste along the way.

In a File – doesn’t work

An Integrated Marketing Plan should be used throughout the year:

• Monthly -Review for nuances to increase results.
• Quarterly- Update the plan with performance metrics achieved and make adjustments to increase performance.
• Annually – Review progress and plan the coming year.

Marketing Plan Outline

What the plan looks like for each neighborhood, planned community, or builder will vary in scale and objectives, but there are a few constants.

1. Big Picture Strategic Objective. (Where do we want to go?)

2. Review. (Lessons learned and progress to date)

3. Set 2014 Goals & Objectives.

a. Drive Revenue.  Sales goals fundamentally drive most plans in the building industry.
Marketing supports sales with shoppers visiting the models that already understand the opportunity and think this may just be the community, the home and the builder for them.  Seriously, a visit to the sales office is near the end of the “buying journey”.
b. Grow Market Share.  Expand your market by having a more compelling offer than the competition.
c. Increase Brand Awareness. For new places, they need to be put on the map, physically and figuratively within the consumers mind.
d. Build Brand Equity. This is a key goal for Builders and master planned communities as they are in the market long enough to reap the substantial benefits of positive brand equity.
e. Other Business Goals. At times, a goal may be to dispose of an asset, entitle a community, or other Division business goals.

4. Competitive Market Area.
Here the competition and relative positioning are covered. Also, we’ve found a classic SWOT analysis of the area works extremely well to summarize a location and uncover opportunities for differentiation and buyer connection.

5. Buyer Profiles.
Well-developed buyer profiles assist in social strategy, branding, merchandising, media selection, messaging.  (Note: Once a neighborhood opens, ask the sales team to a weigh in on buyer profiles to add depth and real life insight.)

6. Brand Story. (Brand Personality, Promise, USPs , Story & Messaging)
This is the development of your genuine, intriguing story. And how you will share it both socially and experientially.

7. Budget.
Every asset proforma has a marketing budget. Knowing what we know – how can resources be most efficiently employed.

8. Marketing Tactics. (The channels and actions to reach customers and share your story.)
Go where your buyer profiles are and craft a presence there that connects. Don’t limit thinking to the obvious – be open. (Our case study of MBK’s 1600 at Artesia Square is a great example of this.)

Plan experiences that demonstrate memorably your genuine story in social media, branded content, website, sponsorships, influencer-marketing, email marketing, real life experiences and yes traditional marketing.

The final step here is to reconcile the tactics to the budget. Ask yourself, “What do we really need to do to hit goals?” If the budget needs to be refined, proactively address it.

9. Define Success. Define the metrics or key performance indicators by which you will measure progress and success.  (This is a huge topic, which we’ll be discussing in a future post.)

TAKEAWAY:  Not using a marketing plan, costs time and wastes resources in the long run. Set it up right – once and then work your plan throughout the year.


Shameless Plug:  As our clients are busier than ever before, Roxburgh has developed a process to create complete Integrated Marketing Plans, which include our hallmarked use of collaboration.

Let’s talk 2014. Email us: hello@roxburgh.com or give Claudia a call at 714.556.4365 Ext 600

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