Switched.com has done some digging and has provided a list of 12 Earth-friendly appliances that are actually green.  If you are in the market for appliances that not only save you money on your utilities, but that are actually better for the environment, then check these items out:

  1. Xeros Washing Machine – This new washer promises to clean clothes with just one cup of water and thousands of nylon beads.  The carbon-footprint of this prototype is 40% less than the current most efficient washing machine.
  2. Equator 375 Refrigerator – Not only is this fridge quieter than most, but it only uses $50 of electricity per year!
  3. Aeromatic Oven – This high-efficiency stand-alone oven bakes, grills, broils, fries, toasts, steams and roasts your smaller meals in the time it would take to microwave them, but uses 80% less energy.
  4. Bosch Evolution Plus Dishwasher – The Bosch Evolution 800 Plus is not only 160% more energy efficient than traditional models but it also has the capacity for 15 place settings.
  5. Tankless Hot Water Heater – The tankless systems can lower your costs and save you time, because your hot water is delivered instantaneously.
  6. AO Smith Vertex 100 – The Vertex 100 has a 90% better efficiency rating than anyone else on the market, which will provide you a 30% savings on your utility bills.
  7. Motion Sensor Lights – Though these have been around for quite a while, the Levion Decora 150 switch senses when a room is empty and turns the lights off for you.  Saves a lot of money on electricity and avoids fighting between parents and their kids.
  8. Toliet Lid Sink – When you flush the toliet this addition takes the clean water from the tank, through the spigot for hand washing, before actually flushing the toliet.  May sound a little gross, but is completely sanitary and saves your household water.
  9. Santerra Green Composting Toliets – This toliet/composter helps evaporate your ‘business,’ so that what is left can be turned into compost.  It promises to be odorless and save you water.
  10. Cool ‘n Save – This eco-friendl’ier’ air conditioner is helpful because it sucks the heat out of nearby air, therefore helping to lower your bills by circulating the cooler air through the house without having the unit on Artic temperatures.
  11. ShowerStart – The ShowerStart system slows hot water to a trickle once it hits 95 degrees, so while you are letting the water run to warm up before hopping in, this system takes the water wastefulness out of the quick errands before showering.
  12. Methane-powered golf cart – Although still in its experimental stages, this idea could help us save a lot of gas and money if we are going quickly around town.

For the full article, which explains the positives and negatives of most of these products, go to: http://www.switched.com/2009/09/11/earth-friendly-appliances-for-your-home-13/


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