AdNectar, a company which specializes in integrating brands into virtual goods on social networks, has created a marketing platform for Twitter and LiveJournal users that allows them to send branded virtual gifts to one another.  Malibu Rum, Nestle’s Toll House, Fisher-Price, Trident Gum and Overture Films are the first to sign up for this new way of social advertising.  AdNectar’s hope is that with the 24 million monthly Twitter users and the 700,000 + LiveJournal communities, these virtual gifts will spread virally and create a buzz among the most  influential consumers for each product and brand.

Though the idea of viral gifts is not new, Facebook and other social networks have been doing it for quite some time, AdNectar’s partner, Fun140, a casual gaming site designed for Twitter-style 140 character messages, is allowing the Twitter and LiveJournal communities to join in the viral fun.  The cost of these campaigns can run from “$50,000 to $150,000, depending on the number of social media sites involved, the level of exposure, duration of the campaign and the number of branded goods.”

Malibu Rum’s branded virtual drinks campaign for Facebook, featured an expanding window where people uploaded their favorite party picture into a tropical “Get Your Island On” themed background.  It will be interesting to see how AdNectar converts this ad idea for the Twitter/LiveJournal community.

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