A lot of companies have decided to try and push their brand/product via a viral video.  Unfortunately, creating a successful viral video is not always as easy as filming yourself falling and uploading it to the web.  In this 5-minute video clip, Martin Lindstrom, visits the Go-Viral agency in London, in order to get some pointers as to how to get your video moving around the web.  According to the video over 30% of brands have tried to make a viral video, obviously only a few have become internet sensations.

Here are a few of Go-Viral’s tips:

  1. Have a Talking Point – You want the video to become a conversation for people, online, with their family and friends.  A great example is the FIFA Street 3 Video
  2. There Needs to Be Something in the Video That’s Sensational – There has to be something that people haven’t seen and maybe something that they wouldn’t be able to see if it was shown on television, similar to Diesel’s 30th Birthday Video (may not be suitable for work)
  3. You Want to Turn Your Video Into More Than A 1-Hit Wonder – Your idea should strive to be a narrative, something that can have several videos.  Red Bull has done a brilliant job of this with their Red Bull Air Race Series.  Here they were able to show their air races from around Europe, while delivering their audience a weekly dose of brand awareness

The most important piece of the puzzle is making sure you have a content and distribution strategy, so your video does become obscure in the thousands of videos that are uploaded each day.

For the full video, go to: http://adage.com/brightcove/lineup.php?lineup=1182767334

Essential Elements of Viral Video Success

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