The National Retail Federation predicts that Valentine’s Day spending will top $18.6 billion this year, so naturally businesses want to cash in on this holiday with which so many have a love/hate relationship. While the jury’s still out on how much advertisers will spend in total, it will be a hefty sum, especially after factoring in social media campaigns.

Here are a few Valentine-related links that have caught my attention:

I am intrigued by a few of these vintage Valentine’s Day print ads and posters.

Ads of the World provides a fun ‘best of’ compilation.

App developers also want their piece of the holiday revenue pie.

I am obsessed with candy hearts. Learn more about their history here.

And for those who prefer social media as a vehicle to express your love and affection, take note: only 1.7% of people think it is the most romantic way to say ‘I love you.’

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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