In an independent study by media agency, TargetCast:tcm, found that men are generally more willing than women to adapt their habits to incorporate digital and online media and that there is a huge generational difference in internet usage from 18-34 year olds versus the 35 and overs.

Some of the study’s gender findings include:

  • Men are more willing than women to swap their traditional paper copy of magazines and newspapers and catch up on the content online
  • Men are also more willing to pay for an online subscription¬† for TV programs online if they have limited advertising
  • 34% of men believe that radio is not as relevant today (in terms of music) as there are so many other options

In terms of the generational findings, here are a few examples of what the study has to say:

  • Adults 35+ still consider newspaper advertising more influential in purchasing decisions than online ads
  • More that 40% of adults 18-64 prefer the experience of reading a printed newspaper vs. an online version
  • 57% of those 45+ prefer reading a printed magazine to reading the same magazine online
  • 41% of 45+ indicated that radio is still relevant in purchasing decisions

For more information, download the 13-page study at:

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