There are two sites that will keep your kids eyes and ears safe while watching online videos.  ZuiTube and Totlol, both powered by YouTube, promise only age-appropriate material.  It’s no secret that technology is advancing so quickly that you might think you are putting on a safe cartoon for your child, when suddenly a dubbed, foul mouth character appears instead of the cute animated one you thought you were watching.  ZuiTube and Totlol take the worry out of what your kids might potentially see on the web and they present it to users in one convenient destination.

ZuiTube is aimed at providing safe content for 3- to 12-year olds.  It provides access to 60,000 YouTube videos that have been pre-screened by parents and teachers.  You can watch full-screen videos and even share them via email, Twitter and Facebook.  Kids can find videos based on most viewed, most shared and most tagged.  The videos are set up by groups: Movies, New Music, New TV & Cartoons, Funniest Videoes, Amazing Animals and Sports.  Although the site is free, there is an option to upgrade ($7.95 per month or $29.95 per year) which provides extra benefits such as homework helpers and the ability for parents to search their children’s online activity.

Totlol host over 23.000 YouTube videos.  Parents have a lot of control inside this site, which is why parents like this particular site.  The site is community driven so parents can submit videos for other parents to view and vote on the appropriateness. Totlol did start out as a free service but has not moved to a pay per month ($3), per year ($18) or until your kids grow up fee ($54).  Both sites are free from advertising.

This is a great idea and I think the free factor of ZuiTube is going to keep it around for a while, while the collectiveness and sense of community from Totlol is its strongest selling point.  As a parent there are enough things to worry about, it’s nice that if you leave your kids infront of the computer and logged into these sites you can rest assured that they will only be watching videos that are appropriate for their age group.

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