Twitter is becoming one of the newest forums for people to find out breaking news. It was the one of the first places that had reports on the crash landing of flight 1549, the Mumbai attacks, the California Wildfires and so on. Although Twitter is a great place to find breaking news, some of the negative feedback from those wanting the news say that Twitter posts are short and sometimes not completely accurate.

Yahoo BOSS engineer has created a program to solve that problem as well as to rival Google News, the more traditional news outlet which uses algorithms to rank stories. Algorithms are good but they aren’t the best way to rank news stories because they aren’t always as fast as the news. Yahoo’s & Twitter’s new product, TweetNews, is a news-seeker’s solution to the original Twitter & the Google News problems.

TweetNews takes Yahoo’s news results and compares them to emerging topics on Twitter, in effect using what’s most popular on Twitter as an index for determining the importance of news stories. In other words, TweetNews uses Twitter to rank stories that are so new they may not have enough inbound links for algorithm-based ranking systems to prioritize them.

The result is a search engine mashup that tracks breaking news stories ranked by Twitter search results, offering faster updates, better relevance and more in-depth coverage than either source by itself.

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