The Millennials, the generation made up of 14-25 year olds, are watching less TV than their Generation X (ages 26-42), Baby Boomer (43-61) and mature (62-75) counterparts.  In a new report from Deloitte, millennials are only watching 10.5 hours of TV a week, compared to Gen X with 15.1 hours, the boomers with 19.2 hours and 21.5 hours for matures.  Findings also show that while the millennials are watching the least amount of TV, they are spending the most amount of time with media in general (Video games, music and the Internet).  We will find out in the coming months what this means for advertisers that target this demographic, but in the meantime advertisers should take note of these findings and look into some of the new advertising mediums available in this technologically driven new world.  For the Adweek story and synopsis of Deloitte’s study go to:

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