The economic situation has forced marketers and broadcasters alike to really start finding innovative ways to reach target audiences.  Time Warner is finally entertaining an idea that advertisers have been asking for forever; allowing marketers to purchase ad time during the specific pieces of programming that pull a strong male audience.  There will be two packages available for the Turner cable networks (TBS, TNT, TruTV, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim), one that skews to men 18-34 and one that targets 18 -49 year old men.

Turner will also offer advertising on their digital properties and will work with marketers who are interested in creating “microseries” and other advertiser-sponsored content.  This against the grain marketing tactic comes as more and more marketers demand ways to go after their specific demographics.  The old way TV units were sold is not working anymore, especially in this economy when the ad budgets are the first things to go.

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