Toyota is not only cleaning up the environment with their 58 mpg Prius, but they are also cleaning up the look of LA with their Prius Eco-vertising.   Toyota has created a giant flowerbed-like display along the Pasadena freeway, which not only serves as an ad for their Prius, but also as aesthetic and sustainability relief for the community.   Toyota worked with Mayor Villaraigosa for this campaign, which also included infrastructure improvements along roadways for the city.

The 30-foot-by-60-foot flower display of a car in a rising sun was created by Greenroad media, in partnership with Caltrans.   Since Caltrans was involved, Toyota had to follow federal regulations so the “ad” had to be non-commercial, hence the lack of logo and Prius details.

The floralscape along the Pasadena freeway is the first of nine that will appear alongside California freeways in LA and San Francisco.

For more information about this extremely innovative and good-for-the environment campaign, go to:

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