A new website launched today called “Hunch.”  Hunch’s purpose is to help you make the tough decisions in life, not the emotional decisions of course, but people’s informational inquiries.  Hunch is created by the same folks who put together Flickr.  It is a
user-generated content site, but instead of finding photographs, you
find decisions.  The website asks you a series of questions in an attempt to get to know you and then it gives you three decisions to choose from in order to take the repetitive search work out of making your decision.  People can contribute to the site via answers or questions that will help people get to the answer they need.  Its utility will depend on how user participation and how Hunch’s “learning algorithms” work out.  The more people contribute the better the site will be.

I tested out the site and it is actually quite interesting.  It has answers to how much to tip, what kind of profession you should go into and even what restaurants to eat at.  The questions it asks in order to get to your answers are interesting and the site provides a Wikipedia link wherever it can.  I think it will be a site that people really enjoy visiting.

To get to know the creator of the site and more about its functions, go to: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/06/15/hunch.online.decisions/index.html

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