Social networks not only allow us to record every mood, vacation, celebration or heartbreak, but they also allow us to share these feelings and events publicly.  It’s definitely a different mindset from the diary-days where people would share their innermost thoughts and feelings in a personal notebook book and hide them away in a private place.  Since we have entered a time where sharing is now a part of life, there’s a new website that helps you remember the place you were exactly a year ago that day.  Timehop sets out to create an experience that allows you to realign your past with your present.

Timehop takes information from a user’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram feeds and shows you what you were doing on the same day, last year.  This service provides users with a daily email that sums up all of the social information from last year’s date and organizes the check-ins, photos, status updates and tweets chronologically.  They are currently working on a feature that includes deals for events, activities or vacations that you previously took, as the site is getting a lot of feedback about how great it is to remember and relive some of these excursions.

To check out the site and to sign up for your digital diary reminders, go to

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