In a new survey of 2,000 women, researchers wanted to expose the half truths (what women will admit) versus the whole truths (what women really believe, do and buy) for the 2009 Holiday season.  Some of the results are listed below:

1) Half TruthRetailers fuel the hype, which encouraged some women to pledge, “I’ll do most of my shopping on Black Friday.”

Whole Truth – 49% of women said they have been worried about the holidays all year long and have already been shopping, so the Black Friday marketers are going to have a tougher time getting women into the stores.

2) Half truth: Sixty-one percent of women agreed that “holidays are the one time of year to stick with gift giving, even in this economy.”

Whole Truth – 80% of women admitted they will be cutting back on gifts this year.  In fact, 37% say their spouse and families will be getting kisses instead of gifts this year.

3) Half truth: Women will say, “I like to buy gifts that show I really care.”

Whole Truth – 29% of women with incomes of $50,000+ won’t buy full priced items.  34% of that group also said they will be using cash, another way that drives spending down.  Further proving to marketers that right now, everyone wants a deal.

4) Half truth: Eighty-one percent brag, “I like to choose thoughtful gifts.”

Whole Truth – Women are into gift cards, especially if they are for the “right” store.  More than 1 in 4 women are planning on giving them as gifts because it allows women to pick out exactly what they want, without being inconvenienced with returns.

5) Half truth: “I’m tired of saving and cost-cutting, so I’m going to splurge a little this holiday season.”

Whole Truth – Women will find a way to treat themselves this holiday season, especially with all the resistance they’ve had to do this whole year, but it won’t be to the extent or extravagance that it has been in year’s past.

From a personal standpoint I would have to admit that these whole vs. half truths are true to my situation this holiday season.  What about our Rox readers? How do you feel about the data that is presented above?

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