In a new report by the Nielsen Co., “How Teens Use Media,” several media myths were refuted.  In a world where Twitter and Facebook take up a lot of people’s time, it was assumed that teens were so tuned into those avenues that they weren’t engaged in traditional media.  This is false, teens acutally make time for both types of media.

Other debunked myths include:

  • Teens and adults have vastly different preferences (they don’t)
  • Teens’ media and entertainment spending is insulated from the recession (sorry, teens have actually reduced spending and out-of-home is the most affected)
  • Traditional advertising can’t resonate with teens (false, once the ads break through the clutter, teens actually enjoy traditional advertising more than digital)

The study also found that television is the leading type of media use among teens, with the average teenager watching 3 hours and 20 minutes per day.  This usage is actually up 6% over the past 5 years, which counters the claim that YouTube is the leading medium among teens.

This “How Teens Use Media” report was presented at the “What Teens Want” conference on Thursday.  To read more findings from the report and to learn about the conference, go to:

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