Yes, you did read the title correctly, there is now such a thing as iTunes University (iTunes U).  There are hundreds of universities and business schools including University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Fuqua School of Business, and Yale School of Management that are making recordings of their lectures, seminars, conferences and even course content available to the public via iTunes and YouTube.

The public availability of this content means that people who want to learn, but don’t necessarily have the money for a 2-year MBA program, nor do they care about the degree, can access all of this information FREE of charge by downloading it from iTunes University

YouTube EDU was launched in March and hosts channels of hundreds of universities, including 45 universities in Europe and Israel.  It has videos of lectures and discussions from business schools such as INSEAD, ESCP Europe and UC – Haas School of Business.

Another awesome resource is Academic Earth, which hosts videos from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford.

For more information on these resources as well as MIT’s online course content, go to:

Part two of the technology takeover are these new Isaac Daniel Compass and Blue GPS shoes (now with extra bluetooth).  These shoes connect with your Bluetooth compatible phone, resulting in the ability for everyone to know where you are whenever they would like.  They come in a variety of colors and have models for walking or running.  Though these may seem a little strange, it could come in handy for the adventurous runner who often goes off trail or if you just want to keep track of your significant other.  For more information on these shoes, go to:


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