The interest and use in technology definitely shows a generational divide.  I know that my sister, who is now 21, is a much more savvy on the computer than I am, partially because she started using it at a much younger age.  Her typing skills were much more advanced than mine – thanks to the constant utilization of AIM – and her computer know-how can also be attributed to the use of the computer in her school classes.  But in a world that practically runs on technology, the older Boomer generations are having to learn to work with the new tech devices, even if they don’t spend as much time with them as their younger counterparts do.  WorldOne Research, in partnership with LexisNexis put together a survey that explains some of the generation gaps with technology.  Below are a few of their findings:

  • Gen Y workers spend an average of 17.4 hours per day using either a PC, PDA or mobile phone.
  • Boomers spend 9.7 hours per day with the same devices.
  • Gen Y spends an average of 20.5 work hours using email, Internet browsers, Instant Messaging Programs and Microsoft Office products.
  • Boomers only spend 11.9 hours with these programs
  • Gen Y and Gen X professionals spend an average of 8.52 and 8.09 hours every day on social networking sites, news websites, blogs, Internet forums and multimedia-sharing websites.
  • Boomers spend half of that time – 4.78 hours.
  • 35% of Gen Yers think that using laptops and PDAs during in-person meetings is effective
  • Only 17% of Boomers find the devices efficient in meetings

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