Design as an Experience

We are happy to share “Sea Shore” – the fourth of a series for illustrating how we think about design in marketing.  Once more, we turn to one of our art directors, Jean, to learn more.

Where did you find this image?

“I took this image with my iPhone. As far as quality, it may not be that great a picture, but it captures my experience beautifully. And today people relate to the look of a picture taken on your phone. It’s more personal in a way.

This was taken at Splash in the Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach on a hot summer day. There’s a feeling of pure relaxation that the beach offers. An optimistic release.

We are so lucky to have this in California.

Why did you pick this image for

Because the beach connects everyone. And marketing is about connection.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and point of view, but they all love the beach in their own way. People go to connect with the ocean and each other in a relaxing way.

And at the end of it all, everybody has a story to tell about how wonderful their day was.

The headline “stories are the pathways to connection” is about this image and about what Roxburgh

Design. It’s all about the Details.

The new home page image “Breakfast in Spain” was selected as the first of a series for to share how we think about design in marketing. The following is by one of our art directors, Jean.

Where did you find this image?

I took that one myself in San Sebastion, Spain. It’s on the border near France. We went there because I have this book that says if you like one place, then you’ll love another. This time it said,  if you  loved Cannes, then go to San Sebastian. We loved Cannes, so we went.

This was taken on our last day. We were in this cool cafe on the ocean. Having this great coffee  and eggs with peppers. The freshly baked bread.  And the people there are very warm. You feel at home.

 Why did you pick this image to re-launch

This image is inviting you into our world where it feels comfortable.  It feels like anyone could be sitting there, breaking bread and having a conversation. It’s informal, but not casual – notice the china? It’s spontaneous and engaging.  And that’s who Roxburgh is.