The annual South by Southwest conference is the place to find out about the new, intriguing and fabulous technologies hitting the market.  This five day conference includes over 900 keynotes, panels and workshops.  Here are Adweek’s 5 trends that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Social Discovery/Ambient Awareness – There are a handful of startups, such as Sonar, Highlight, Glancee, Banjo and Kismet, that launched or upgraded just in time for SXSW.  These apps aim to help people with similar interests find each other and make this annual event’s networking easy and robust.
  2. Social TV – People love talking about TV almost as much as they love to watch it (can we say ‘The Bachelor’?).  Social TV was discussed last year but this year it is being brought to everyone’s attention again, to see how the big brands and networks plan on working together to make TV more social and perhaps profitable.
  3. Big Data – People will definitely be discussing how to “use metrics and analytics to achieve business goals and improve marketing campaigns.”  This year the discussion will also include how to use data to track and monitor your personal health and fitness programs.
  4. Beautifying the Web, of course includes Pinterest, but there are other start ups that are trying to make the web a prettier place, AOL’s, Path, Instagram and even Facebook’s new Timeline.  These start ups help individuals express themselves in a bold, beautiful and gorgeous way.
  5. Marketing Meets Tech – It’s hard to believe that Twitter hit the SXSW market in 2007, and only a few years later Foursquare was the talk of the town.  Ad agencies attendance has increased tenfold between 2009-2011, which is a testament to the strength of this conference and the hope that the newest and “can’t live without” technology might be discovered and thrust into our lives in the next week.

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