Here are seven ways to make social networking less complicated and less time consuming.

Digsby is great for aggregating your entire social life, wrapping social networking, IM, and email into one tight little package.  This download integrates AIM, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more.

Google Latitude acts like a LoJack for your location.  You install this application to your phone or browser and family and friends can find your location at any time via a Google map.

NutshellMail consolidates messages from networks like Facebook, Twitter and secondary email accounts into one place. is all about managing your status.  When you use this service with your Facebook and Twitter accounts one single update will automatically post a status update on the other network for you.  This program can support up to 30 social networking sites.  Talk about saving time!

Pipl is a people search engine that scours the web to find every last fingerprint that the person your seeking has ever left behind online, including photo, address, and blog posts.  What a great way to check-in on long lost friends, or those exes you have always wondered about.

Spokeo searches the farthest corners of 41 social networking sites to uncover the deep, dark secrets of your friends and loved ones.

TweetDeck is a no-cost download that puts Twitter on steroids, letting you easily track particular search terms, group your friends, shrink unwieldy URLs and more, all from one window!

Hopefully one or more of these programs will work for you!  Let us know which one(s) you like best!

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