After the announcement last week, dubbing Pinterest the 3rd largest social networking site behind Facebook & Twitter, its no surprise that there are going to be a lot of similar websites emerging.  A website that isn’t new, but functions along the same lines is Springpad.  Springpad launched about 3 years ago and has 3 million users.  It began as a personal list service, but is launching a redesign that allows user notebooks to be made public.  Users can then follow other user’s notebooks and “spring” specific items onto their notebooks.

This redesign is looking like an enhanced Pinterest, because while Pinterest has a board of beautiful photos, Springpad’s notebook includes more details like maps and menu pages.  Springboard notebooks have the ability to be public or private and users can input lists manually or save items through web browsing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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Are any of our Rox readers one of the 3 million Springpad users? Do you love it? Do you prefer Springpad or Pinterest?

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