Just because you may have a small, or smaller advertising budget than some of the big companies, it does not mean that your dollars can’t work for you.  The key to success when working with a smaller budget is ingenuity.  For example, The Taco Maker, a Puerto Rico-based fast-food chain that has 80 stores in the US, had approximately $50,000 to spend on advertising, so they tried the direct mail route.  Unfortunately, they weren’t seeing the response rate they had hoped for so they turned to their advertising agency who came up with an idea that gave The Taco Maker a 21% same-store sales increases in central Florida.

The agency’s idea was to launch a radio and mobile marketing promotion offering free burritos, which would be promoted with the chain’s new character, Juan Maker.  The radio appearances were recorded and then made into a series of ten 60-second spots that ran in central Florida for six weeks and offered a free one-pound Maker burrito to consumers who sent in a text as instructed by the commercial.

The results: The Taco Maker received nearly 5,000 texts and gave away nearly 2,500 burritos, a response rate of about 50%.  The Juan Maker character was so effective that people were actually calling into the radio station to speak with him directly.  The agency was also able to track consumer response by station, time of day and even DJ, which allowed the company to focus its ad dollars where they were doing the most good in real time.

The moral of the story…not everyone has a nine figure advertising budget.  But if your in-house or agency team can get creative with the budget you have, you may turn that small budget into amazing sales.

For more on this story, go to: http://adage.com/article?article_id=136796

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