It’s amazing how many things we are used to paying for, but now with technology we don’t have to.  Below is a list of some amazing freebies that will not only save you money, but also time.

  • Make free long-distance calls with Talkster
  • Send and receive faxes for free with eFax FreeQipit or FaxZero
  • A new, free video conference tool for an unlimited number of guests along with instant messaging is TokBox
  • Make free conference for up to 50 people with Rondee
  • Try Google 411 (800-GOOG-411) to save yourself the couple of bucks each time you need a number instead of calling information
  • Automatically transcribe voice notes for free with reQall
  • Store your large files online for free with  The site hosts your files without going through the tedious sign up process.

There are additional websites that show you how to text for free and even turn scanned documents into texts, check them out at:

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