Federated Media has just completed a deal with TweetMeme that lets marketers attach a retweet button to their advertisements.  This is not a completely new idea to the social scene, as Digg’s advertisements have had this capability since August.  Although it seems like retweeting or redigging would always be in the marketers favor, it does scare a good number of companies because it no longer allows them to control who their message is going to.  Companies and agencies spend a lot of time and money researching their target demographics and preparing ad campaigns around those consumers.  With the additions of the retweet, redigg and share (Facebook) functions, the ad placements are no longer solely at the marketer’s discretion.

On a more positive note, for those advertisers that are looking to grow their brand virally, these new buttons take the labor out of passing a message along to friends.  Consumers will no longer have to email or cut and paste URL’s in order to share them, they will simply push a button.

For more information about the TweetMeme deal, as well as the successes and challenges that Digg has faced since their August ad sharing debut, go to: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/content_display/news-and-features/direct/e3ie96e2720eadfdfa3c183445b50501131?imw=Y


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