Radio Shack has taken a back seat in the marketing game for the past few years.  But with the announcement of Lance Armstrong’s new cycling team, Team RadioShack, and their new rebranding plan, Radio Shack is making a comeback.

In 12 new TV ads that started running nationally yesterday, Radio Shack, is now going to be known as “The Shack,” at least informally in its marketing materials.  The new campaign includes in-store signage, digital media, out-of-home, direct and a three day bi-coastal event which will broadcast live video connecting New York and San Francisco.  “The Shack Summer Netogether” will use two 11 x 17-foot “laptops” broadcasting live video to connect activities in both cities.  There are also plans for a new website and a new Facebook page.

The goal of this campaign is to give it a more modern image that speaks to its premium brand offerings in wireless and connectivity.  The brand is 80 years old and its definitely time to spice things up.

Rebranding is always risky business.  We’ve seen several companies do it lately, i.e. Pizza Hut it with “The Hut,” Circuit City did it at one time with “The City.”  But RadioShack is not just changing its name and resting on its laurels, they are covering most of their bases with this campaign, as they are using both traditional and experimental media.  It will be hard to ignore their new “The Shack” messaging, which in for a marketer is one of your top goals.

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