ScanLife and Jagtag are creating a program that helps consumers use their cellphones as a way to extract digital content from inanimate objects.  These companies are racing against each other to be the first company to get consumers to scan “2D bar codes” with their cellphones.

The two companies are taking different marketing directions in rolling out this technology.  Jagtag is teaming up with Nike for an ad campaign that will revolve around bar codes on posters at an extreme-sports competition.  At every tour stop, fans can scan these poster codes and get Nike-sponsored athletes’ videos, pictures and fan data.

ScanLife on the other hand, is working with Sears to put their codes on store displays for power tools and TV sets that will provide web links to online product reviews.

Which company do you think has the best marketing strategy? Is this even a technology you would be interested in as a consumer?  We want to hear your thoughts!

Go to: to get more detail about these companies and this new technology.

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