It seems like there is a trend starting in the QSR business, rebranding.  First, we had KFC which is still trying to make its shift to KGC or Kentucky Grilled Chicken and now we have Pizza Hut who is heading an effort to rebrand itself to “The Hut.”

One of the main components of The Hut’s rebranding tactics includes in-store digital video (Hut TV) that is designed to engage customers.  So far it is only in 20 stores, sixteen stores in Jacksonville and four stores in Dallas, but the company is planning it’s bigger roll out for 2010.  The content includes three section features: entertainment (trivia or games), short customized segments from CBS-produced programs and a news ticker at the the bottom of the screen.  The right hand of the screen will be dedicated to Pizza Hut’s menu which will list ingredients and/or any promotions that are going on.

Pizza Hut believes this rebranding will help its somewhat stagnant sales by positioning themselves as a solution for home meals.  They have new menu items and they hope that their new in-store experience with Hut TV will engage the consumer enough that they want to come into the store because their perceived wait time will be less and they will be entertained while their fresh meal is being prepared.

Denny’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Hardees and even McDonald’s are all planning to experiment with video networks.  The difference is that the companies just mentioned will by handled by IndoorDIRECT, while Hut TV is owned by Pizza Hut and will have full control over its content.

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