Pet owners are some of the most engaged people on the web recently.  New websites are continually popping up that provide pet lovers with pet-specific news and entertainment, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love pet videos on YouTube?  Technology and the internet are also starting to play a large role in pet care marketing.  Whether it’s a site that encourages social engagement, useful apps or better more efficient ways to order pet supplies, this is a new thriving marketing.  Below are 4 ways that digital marketing is making a play in the pet world.

  1. Subscription Services – BarkBox is a service that was launched in November 2011 that focuses on product discovery.  BarkBox delivers “homemade, all-natural treats and other high-quality products in each box — things you can’t find at the typical big-box pet store,” while also donating a portion of the profits to a rescue or shelter.  If you want your tried and true brands, Petflow, is the way to go.  The site offers more than 100 pet brands and features an “auto-replenishment” system saving customers time and money.
  2. Brands Going Social – Pet parents are highly engaged, so when sites like host a “Mascot of the Week” contest, it’s no surprise that the site’s 15,000 fans are quick to respond to polls, upload photos of their pets and share the contest virally. also donates $1 for every new fan it acquires to the Best Friends Animal Society.  In addition to utilizing Facebook and Twitter, some brands are cleverly using Foursquare to encourage fans to engage with their brand.  A perfect and very successful example of that is the GranataPet Food campaign in Munich and Berlin. Finally, a bit component to most successful social campaigns is giving back to charity.  Last June, Pedigree donated one pound of dog food to a shelter for every Like, post or tweet about its “Every Dog Deserves…” campaign, which ended up producing 100,000 pounds of donated food.
  3. High-Tech Pet Care – There are a lot of hospitals that are choosing to update all of their systems to include electronic health records, and veterinarians are no exception.  The ability to easily use digital pet records will not only help the hospital, but will provide owners with all the information they need as well.  Additionally, doggy day cares are using technology.  There are a lot of facilities installing webcams so that owners can check in on their friends throughout the day.
  4. There’s An App For That – There are a ton of new apps available for pet enthusiasts.  Whether it’s DoggyDatez is a location-based mobile platform for finding new friends, or Petcentric is an app from Purina that helps you find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks or MyPetED, which contains your pet’s medical records and vet contact info on the go, there are a lot of fun and useful ways the internet can enhance pet ownership.

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