Times are changing, especially when it comes to what used to be the conventional women vs men household roles.  While women used to be the housemakers and the ones to do all of the household shopping, studies now show that almost one-third of men are now the principal shoppers in the household.  This new Mr. Mom role is key for marketers, who have been skewing their supermarket advertising towards women, because now they have a whole new demographic that they can market to.

One of the biggest distinctions between men and women supermarket shoppers came from a 2006 article, “Secrets of the Male Shoppers,” which claims that “men buy, while women shop.”  This highlights that the sexes have different priorities when going down the aisles and is key for marketers to be aware of.

Nielsen data shows that while females used to dominate shopping trips in all channels except for convenience/gas stores, their numbers have consistently dropped from 2004 to 2008/2009, while the men’s numbers have steadily increased.  Research has shown that men have increased their grocery spending by 56% over a five year span.

To get more information about how men and women’s shopping roles are changing, go to: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/content_display/news-and-features/direct/e3i1a1890f91e4cda9ae317111c0e19f1fa

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