Mom Life ( is a new website that chronicles the day-to-day adventures of real-life moms Jennifer Pate and Barb Machen. The site features a blog and webisodes, which are typically 4 to 5 minutes long. The aim of the site is to reach out to mothers, via an online community, to start a discourse on various topics from things like healthy cooking to handling the in-laws.

Kraft and S.C. Johnson are the first two companies to sign up as sponsors of the website.  Each webisode will begin with a brief commercial for a Kraft of S.C. Johnson product.  There are also value-themed ads on the side of the featured video.

The site’s launch drew inspiration from the fact that moms make up the majority of packaged goods purchasers, which provided the perfect opportunity for Kraft & S.C. Johnson for target them via this website.

For more information about the website and it’s partnerships, go to:

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