Just because its summer, doesn’t mean that your kids brains should turn to mush.  MTV Networks has created Brain Builder Bootcamps on their ParentsConnect.com site, in order to keep your children’s brains engaged and stimulated.  ParentsConnect.com is a parent-aimed social network that has been around for 3 years.   Unfortunately, it has never really reached its full potential, until now.  In June, the website reached 1.8 million unique users, a 53% increase from a year ago.  The series of bootcamps really struck a cord with users and advertisers alike.

The site will not only feature online bootcamps for kids, like the current brain building one featured now, but it will also have bootcamps for parents.  The next planned bootcamp is a makeover theme for moms.  The plan is that while the kids are back in school parents will be able to get more involved on the site, as there will be more parent-specific content with focuses on health, beauty and travel.

Sponsors like General Mills’ Toaster Strudel, Huggies Pull-Ups, SunnyD and H&M apparel are already on board for the kids bootcamps.  The article did not list any sponsors for the parent-driven content yet, but seeing as it is a focused demographic, I am sure some sponsors will get a lot of bang for their buck with sponsorship opportunities.

Will you visit ParentsConnect.com?  Will you try it out with your kids?


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