Contrary to popular belief the larger the online ad is, does not make it more effective.  In fact, according to Dynamic Logic, ad effectiveness depends less on the size than it does the shape and placement.

Dynamic Logic looked at results from over 4,800 campaigns and found that the best-performing ad unit – in terms of brand awareness, recall and purchase intent – was the 180 pixel by 150 pixel rectangle ad.  The study also found that ads which surround content – like skyscraper and leaderboard units – are the least effective because people have learned to avoid them and have developed “banner blindness.”  The rectangle ads on the other hand, tend to be closer to and sometimes interrupt the content, which means that the user’s eye naturally have to roll over the ad, which assists in absorbing the content.

Dynamic Logic has provided 4 tips they want you to know, in order to make your ads more effective.  These tips are:

  1. Simple Flash is Overused.  Rich media with video is better than flash. If you are budget-conscious standard GIF/JPEG ads do the trick.
  2. Try to Avoid Ads that Border Content.  These ads are the most easily ignored.
  3. Publishers should consider mixing up ad placement from page to page. When you have the same ad format in the same place on every page, users become trained to avoid the ad.  Mix up the placement and you will draw more people’s attention.
  4. Not all attention is positive. Avoid flashing, blinking and annoying ads. They don’t help your brand and can actually have an adverse effect on the consumer’s opinion of your brand.

For more information on Dynamic Logic’s findings, go to:

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