In Knoxville, Tennessee architects have turned a mobile home into a new “industrial-chic ‘i-house’.”  Some say the home got its name because the long core of the home (the mobile trailer) as the base of the “i” and the guest-room office which is box-shaped is the i’s dot. But the builder’s CEO argues that the “i” in “i-home” stands for innovation, inspiration, intelligence and integration.

The concept was originally constructed as a moderately priced “plug and play” dwelling for the many environmentally conscious homebuyers.  The innovative green home features solar panels, as well as numerous energy-saving products.  Builders believe that the estimated costs for electricity and heating is around $1 per day.  The price of the i-home is around $100-$130 a square foot depending on amenities and add-ons.  Compared to a traditionally built house at around $200-$300 a square foot, this could be a really big product for the builder, especially if you consider these homes are eco-friendly too.

A prototype was unveiled in Knoxville and was priced around $140,000.  This included a fully furnished 1,000 square foot model, with a master bedroom, full bath, open kitchen and living room.  There is Ikea cabinetry, two ground-level deck areas as well as a separate “flex room” with a second full bath and second story deck with a canopy.  That sounds pretty innovative to me, they may have started with the metal base but they definitely turned it into something beautiful, unique and sell able.

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