The American Census is the biggest market-research project of the decade, with the Census Bureau spending upward of $15 billion to count the US population and amass a trove of data on the US consumer as of April 1, 2010.  The 2010 Census is expected to show that 309 million people living in the US.  It will also show that the concept of the “average American” is gone and that the new American society is a complex, multidimensional one which cannot be labeled simply.  The Census Bureau is expected to start releasing data in the spring of 2011.

Mr. Francese, demographic trends analyst at WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather, created a 32-page report offering his projections and insight on what the Census will show, and how marketers will need to adapt their methods to reach the new, multi-faceted American society.

A few of the finding from the report are:

  • US households are growing ever more complex and varied. The Census will give Americans 14 ways to define their household relationships, which will be very helpful for marketers and media in targeting and segmenting households.
  • Minorities are the new majority. The 2010 projections include: 80% of people age 65+ will be non-white Hispanics and only 54% of people under 18 will be white non-Hispanics.  In 2010, Hispanics will be considered the nations fastest growing and largest minority with 50 million people.
  • The nation is moving. Over the past 10 years 85% of the US’s population growth happened in the South and West.  About 3 million people have moved out of the Northeast and another 2 million have left the Midwest to move towards the South and West.

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