A few months ago, we raved about the amazing technology that Skype provides users for free.  On this Memorial Day, I can not think of a better thing to discuss than video chatting.  Whether you have family, friends or neighbors that have or are currently serving our country we would like to give thanks…and we would like to give you the free technology tips that will allow you to communicate with your loved ones overseas more easily.

Voice-over-IP services are amazing (there is Vonage for your home line and Skype for your computer or even home and cell lines).  The new product that is invading the VoIP  marketplace called ooVoo 2.0.  The free version of ooVoo supports voice and video calls with other ooVoo users, and lets you have two or three people on a call at once, something I have not been able to figure out with Skype.  You can also record video messages, set up a video chat room and even share files.

All reviews have raved about this program.  Video streams are smooth with little distortion, audio quality is generally solid and the only complaint is that there tends to be a bit of echo.

For more about this product, go to: http://www.oovoo.com/

Thank you again to our service members!  Happy Memorial Day!

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