Google’s YouTube has been missing out on a lot of advertising dollars by not placing ads on viral sensations like “David After Dentist” (28 million views) and “Battle at Kruger” (45 million views).  YouTube has limited their ad sales in videos to members of its partner program (studios participating in its Content ID Program, which identifies the owner of user-uploaded videos and places adjacent advertising).

In order to capitalize on viral video standouts like “JK Wedding Dance Entrance”, YouTube is offering its Content ID Program to anyone who uploads a video that meets certain YouTube standards and becomes popular.  When the video starts to get a following, YouTube will send the user an email and ask them to add an “Enable Revenue Sharing” button, which will allow YouTube to sell video’s ad space to advertisers.

This new system will allow advertisers to get in on the action of these popular viral videos as they begin their rise in the viral world, whereas before they could only chose from videos produced by existing YouTube partners.

This sounds like a genius idea for YouTube and the video creators.  Once users apply for entry into the Partnership plan and they are accepted, the user gets some revenue sharing dollars back via Google AdSense for any video that YouTube sells advertising on.  Apply for the program here:

For more information about YouTube’s new Advertising Features, go to: or


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