Another year is here and with it comes another round of New Years resolutions.  Don’t despair, 2012’s resolutions are sure to stick, and if you need some help, there are 8 apps whose goal it is to keep you on track.

  1. 21Habit– This app is $21 BUT it makes you earn the money back, with $1 each day for 21 days that you keep your resolution. It’s completely on the honor system but will get you in the habit of tracking and monitoring your progress.
  2. Livifi is a very robust smartphone app.  You can keep track of more than 40 goals at one time.  The app allows for long-term progress reviews as well as adjustments as needed.  It also provides recommendations for how to accomplish your goals.
  3. Strava is an app for solo athletes or those who like to train and share their results with friends and the sporting community.  When you bring your smartphone (with GPS) on your runs, bike rides, etc the app will sync your stats into the Strava website while also allowing you to share via social networking sites.
  4. Health Month is an app that’s still in beta, but it’s a game that aims to help users accomplish their goals by creating rules.  The site rewards you with “life points” for sticking to your rules for that month but each time you don’t follow those rules you lose your life points.
  5. Mind Bloom is an app and website where users create a tree by filling in their goals and personal information.  The tree will then blossom and turn green depending on the direction your life is going.
  6. FitID is a fitness app that incorporates the trend of “social fitness.”  In addition to sharing your workout information with your social networks, this app helps you search for cool new workouts, diets and friends who may be waiting for you at the gym.
  7. Stickk is a website where you put up money upfront and then have to earn it back by sticking with your goals.  Hey, who better to motivate you than yourself and your money?
  8. GymPact is an app that that helps you bribe yourself to go to the gym.  This app has you set a dollar amount and a specific number number of times you want to hit the gym each week.  Then by checking in you retain your money, but when you don’t make it, GymPact deducts money from your account.

Good Luck Rox readers! We know you can make those goals and stick with them! Let us know if you use any of these apps and have great experiences with them!

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