Moving advertising online is hard for some companies, especially when people are rapidly going through web pages and advertisers don’t know if their ads are having the impact they desire.

New developments in web advertising are confronting this issue head on.  There’s the development of new, larger ad units by major publishers and an increased focus on creativity within the industry, not to mention there’s an increasing number of people consuming online video. Two ad networks specifically, VideoEgg and Meebo, are introducing what they call – persistent ad formats.  Unlike the typical banner ads, these units stay on the screen, occupying a border at the top and bottom, so that online consumers do not just whiz by your ad.  Both companies believe these persistent ads will work because similarly to television, the longer you show an ad to someone, the more likely it is to sink in.

VideoEgg’s persistent ad product is called Twig.  When users hover over the banner it expands it into a full-screen ad with video and other graphical elements.  VideoEgg is paid by advertisers only when users expand the ad from either the top or bottom.

Meebo, a popular internet messaging service, runs its messages along the bottom of the screen.  The bar allows users to easily activate chats with friends from the site and share items on the page.  Toyota and AT&T are companies that have an advertising presence on this product.

Advertisers no longer have to be scared of the Internet.  More and more people are going online for business and pleasure so your consumer is out there.  With the constant upgrades and innovation in advertising online, companies are sure that you are going to get the ROI you deserve.

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