There is a new start-up that hopes to boost your karma rating by allowing users to gift on the go.  Unlike other apps that provide virtual gift options, Karma’s gift selection includes Magnolia cupcakes, bottles of champagne and Moleskine journals.  Kate Spade, Gund and are also close to signing up.  This way if you see your friend’s birthday notification on Facebook or a Google Calendar reminder and totally spaced on buying a gift, you can get great gifts from your smartphone with your friends/family being none-the-wiser.

Gift receivers will get a text, email or Facebook message regarding their gift and asking for the address that they would like the gift to be shipped to.  Another cool feature of this program is that users can choose their cupcake flavors, and even swap out the gift or donate it to charity if they don’t want it or can’t use it.

For more information, check out the website:

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