Social networking is the hottest trend right now, so why not add another site to your daily routine. debuted yesterday after six months in a private beta.  The website “creates moments,” similar to what Facebook and Twitter does but it also utilizes various media from all over the Internet.  The website allows users to put videos, pictures and web content from various other sites (i.e. Flickr, YouTube, Picassa, the New York Times and Time Inc.) into a “moment” of telling a story.  The website’s pitch is more of an experience than what the other sites currently provide.  The user is telling a story and using other media outlets to make it more colorful for the reader.

One drawback to this site is that in order to create your “moment” you might be looking at a quite time consuming affair.  The creator of believes that people will find the experience worth it and won’t mind taking the time to work with all the site’s features. is trying to make a profit via advertising and selling promo content for people to use in their moments.  For more information on the website, go to:

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