Video is going to be integrated into most websites in the near future.  With a consumer market that is huge and growing (11 billion videos were shown in September) businesses small and large are going to be integrating online videos into their website.  Smaller businesses have been limited to using YouTube and Vimeo to upload videos to their websites.  The drawback is that these sites are more geared toward consumers who want to share funny videos or family clips.

A new wave of services are helping businesses get their work online.  Fliqz and VideoBloom, are two services that are catering to the small and mid-size business market.  Although they are not free like YouTube, they do give your company more control for a small fee.

Here is how the video networks work:

•Upload your videos to the sites,, or, where they are hosted.

•Tweak the video player to include your company name.

•Grab a code to place the video on your site or blog.

•Share the video privately with clients for approvals.

•Get access to data about how many views the video has pulled in.

•Pay a monthly fee. Sorenson and Fliqz start at $99 monthly.

Now that YouTube has started to run ads on top of videos, these new services assure that your consumers are paying attention to your message and your message only.  For more information, go to:

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