There’s nothing better than a little music to help get you through the work day, and being that it’s Friday, what a perfect day to feature 10 sites that offer online music.

Subscription services

eMusic, is a paid subscription site that allows users download a 24 songs per month for $11.99.  Bonuses: free song previews, new users get 35 free downloads

KaZaA, the former peer-to-peer file sharing site now charges $19.98 per month for unlimited downloads from a catalog of 1 million songs.

Rhapsody lets users play any of its 6 million songs on demand for $12.99 per month.

Napster used to be free, but ran into a little legal drama, but now its back and it offers a $5 monthly plan that gives you access to stream over 7 millions songs on demand, as well as the ability to download five music files per month.

Free Online Streaming

Pandora allows users to create their own radio stations simply by typing in the name of a song or artist they love. Pandora then analyzes the song and plays songs similar stylistically.

MySpace Music features bands blogging, promoting new albums and offering up full versions of their songs for users to play on demand.

Social Music turns its users into micro-blogging DJs.  Blip fans post songs they’re listening to and make comments on sites like Twitter.  Site users can tune into anyone’s radio station to learn about new music and to keep tabs on friends’ moods.

imeem combines social networking with music discovery.  Users can stream music from the site for free and then can share tracks with their friends.  Think revival of the mixtape via 2009.

Other Takes

The Hype Machine is a site that looks for song files posted to music blogs, then stitches together the week’s coolest tracks in a single feed.  The service is free.

Hopefully one or more of these sites will get you through the workday and kickstart your weekend.  For more information, go to:

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