According to M2Moms research group, the majority of moms (60%) feel like marketers are ignoring their needs and 73% feel like advertisers don’t understand what it’s like to be a mom.

Some companies are doing their best to understand moms and their value systems, including Walmart who created “elevenmoms.”  Elevenmoms is a partnership between Walmart and a collection of mommy-bloggers, whose goal is to develop mechanisms to understand these mom’s point-of-view.

Most marketers know that moms are a very influential demographic.  They control 85% of household spending and have a worth of more than $2 trillion in spending for US brands.  Not only that, but moms are extremely influential in online purchase decisions within their families and group of friends.  This is why it’s important for these companies to understand moms as consumers and as mothers.

This article is great because it also discusses the difference in shopping and trend habits for different ethnic groups of mothers.  For the full article, go to:

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