Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Even if you aren’t counting down the days, it’s hard not to notice stores red and pink candy and stuffed animal filled sections that have popped up all of a sudden.  One business that is always in fashion on Valentine’s Day is jewelry. believes that the best way for jewelers to be successful this year is to evoke emotion with their ads and not to product-push.  The ability to use mobile sites, applications, banner ads and SMS allows marketers to inspire feelings for their loved ones and make this year’s jewelry purchase an emotional one rather than an obligatory one.

Consumers should be prepared to see a lot more jewelry-focused apps.  For example, Tiffany & Co. have created the “What Make Love True” app which allows users to discover secret adventures, surprising love stores and useful love tips.  It also encourages couples to share their romantic journey with friends by adding their initial and a note to special places on the site’s Love is Everywhere Map.

Since consumers are relying on their smartphones more and more, these dedicated apps and websites help consumers to search, browse, buy or find the closest store with that perfect piece of bling.  The sites also offer the jewelers that opportunity to engage with their customers by sending location-based offers and messages, encouraging them to come into the brick and mortar store.

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